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    Petersen Land Management started with 2 clients under 10 acres each and quickly grew to 85 acres in under a year. We have always been a full range vineyard management company, handling all aspects from vineyard development to day to day operations from pruning through harvest.

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    5 years in we added a partner, my wife Sarah, and had grown a bit, farming 8 locations throughout Northern Sonoma County. The vineyards were scattered through all three appellations, Dry Creek, Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley, and just as diverse in the varieties grown. We grew and still grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the south to Cabernet and Zinfandel in the north and numerous others in-between.

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    While keeping our focus on service to our clients and quality to the wineries, we continued to grow in both locations and acreage farmed. In the ever changing agriculture environment we were able to not only implement advances in mechanization but maintain a high level of worker safety and training. In 2011 the Sonoma County Harvest Fair honored us with the award for Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year.

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    Present Day

    We continue to strive for the highest level of service and quality while balancing our clients’ financial concerns. We do this by offering Vineyard Management Services, Leasing Options, and Custom Services & Development to fit a variety of our clients’ needs.

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Vineyard Management

You now own a vineyard. We provide everything to run and operate your vineyard for you 365 days a year. Be it labor, equipment, materials or expertise, we provide it for you, month by month.

Leasing Options

We will lease your vineyard for a percentage of the crop. We cover all the expenses related to the growing season (labor, equipment, spray material). At the end of the year you receive payment for your percentage. Percentages vary with variety, acreage, winery contract, and production to name a few.

Custom Services / Development

If you do most of the farming yourself but would rather someone else handle certain aspects, we can do that. This may include spray applications, suppling labor, harvesting and hauling or any individual farming practice. We also offer vineyard layout and installation services. Including walking you through the permit process, selecting rootstock & clones, spacing and irrigation systems.

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